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I originally started on Depop selling pre-loved clothes from my personal closet. As time went on, my style changed and I found myself drawn to vintage clothing. I began to thrift from nearby stores and Ebay, starting my shop under the name Pale Doll Vintage. I chose this name because my mother always said that I had pale, porcelain skin like a doll. I watched vintage sellers grow on Depop and found myself wanting to do what they did. I started to create a website for Pale Doll Vintage, but as I grew my goals began to change. I started my first career, and I left Pale Doll Vintage on the back shelf for a bit.

Pile of Sweaters


After finishing my first year in my new career, I realized that I had left Pale Doll Vintage to gather dust. In June 2022, I had an epiphany to rebrand Pale Doll Vintage as Autumn Parade. But what would make it different from Pale Doll Vintage? I would cater to those who have a deep love of the Autumn season, like myself. I now strive to combine my love of vintage clothing, sustainability, and the coziness of Autumn into one

little online shop. 

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